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Is Selling Your House During Springtime A Good Idea?

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Some people say that there’s no better time to move to your dream house than today–regardless of the season. However, people forget that moving to a new home means selling your old one. 

So, we also have to answer the question–is selling your house during springtime a good idea? 

Lucky for you, we got the answer.


Is selling your house during springtime a good idea?


Yes, selling your house during springtime is a good idea–especially this year!

The demand for houses is at an all-time high, so you won’t have a hard time looking for a buyer. And because there’s an imbalance in housing demand and supply, you can markup your price easily.

According to the National Association of Realtors, all houses placed on sale this spring season got an average of 4.8 offers. This is significantly high compared to last year’s 2.7.


What can you do to improve the pricing of your house?


Aside from this market data, you can easily do home renovations and repairs that can increase the value of your home during springtime.

For starters, your lawn and garden are at their best during the spring season. A well-landscaped home can give you a $15,000-$38,000 market increase (measured for a $320,000 house).

Installing solar panels is also easier during springtime. A functional residential solar project can give you a mark up of up to 8% of your home’s value. Plus, you can even file for a tax refund before selling your house so that you can reimburse the amount you’ve spent on your solar project.

Lastly, you can easily install smart home devices in your home today–from smart security cameras, garage doors, and other smart equipment that can boost your home’s valuation by up to 13%.

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