Open House: Style Your Home for Your First Client

Just like in first dates, first impressions last when selling your home. This is why you should impress your clients when they step foot on your property.


However, preparing your home for an open house can be challenging, especially for first-time home sellers. This is why we came up with a simple yet effective list of how you can style your home for an open house.


1. Start with the kitchen


Almost 56% of homebuyers say that the first thing they check out is the kitchen. Is it spacious enough? Is it ready for smart kitchen installation? Does it have enough room for more appliances? You have to look into these questions and more.


Aside from this, some realtors say that houses with blue kitchens tend to have better sales than their competitors. So if you’re thinking of renovating your kitchen, try adding blue accents!


2. Clean, clean, clean


As cliche as it may seem, you have to make sure that your house is clean. You’d never know when a potential client might eventually want to pop into your home.


3. Simple living room


People love cozy living rooms. Make sure yours is one.


Less is more–make sure only to add necessary furniture. Don’t overcrowd your space with chairs and tables. It would also be best if each piece of furniture complimented the tone of your room– be it your floor, walls, or ceiling. 


4. Make them feel safe


Add a smart security system to your entryways, such as your gate and main door. 89% of real estate agents say that making people feel safe in their future homes most likely seals the deal instantly. 


5. All about closets


Make sure that closets emit an organized, if not uniform, look. You can do this by using a bright color palette in your closet, such as white or beige. 

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