What is Curb Appeal and How Can You Use It in Selling a House

What is Curb Appeal and How Can You Use It in Selling a House

People often prefer those that are pleasing to the eye. Whether it’s furniture, a dress, or even some people in our lives, we can’t deny the fact that at times, first impressions last.


The same goes when selling a house. Even though you have an excellent property and a high valuation rate, to begin with, it’s still essential to consider the curb appeal of your house. Without it, you might not be able to get prospective buyers for your property.


What is curb appeal?


In a general sense, curb appeal pertains to the overall attractiveness of a house or a property. It’s specifically focused on the “first glance” attractiveness of the house instead of the nitty-gritty side of its style and beauty.


It has long been verified by realtors worldwide that curb appeal can make or break a deal. Not only does it get potential customers but it also opens the possibility of a good selling price point or even a big markup price. 


How can you use curb appeal in selling your house?


Fortunately, there are lots of ways how you can maintain the curb appeal of your house. And most of them are easy!


Mind the lawn


The lawn and front porch are essential factors for a great curb appeal. Because of this, it will help you if you keep your lawn as green as it can be before selling your house.


Set your home apart from your neighbors


Don’t let your property get lost in the neighborhood. Make sure it stands out! Whether it’s a colorful fence, fancy walls, or even a high-tech garage, you should ensure that your house is unique to those around you.


Consider the drive-by buyers


According to researchers, almost 60% of buyers drive along to their desired neighborhood before contacting a real estate agent. You should immediately make an impression on them. Ensure that your front porch is clean and tidy at all times.


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