Solution to Housing Shortage: Multigenerational Houses

Solution to Housing Shortage: Multigenerational Houses

If your status has changed, you can consider sharing a house with extra family members, such as grandparents, adult children, or other relatives. You might be thinking that living with different generations under one roof is a wise choice for you, whether it’s due to economic, health, and other personal reasons.


Many people who found themselves in the same scenario have decided to live in a multigenerational household. 


What Exactly Is a Multigenerational Residence? 


According to the Pew Research Center, A multigenerational household is one having two or more adult generations. This includes families with grandparents and grandkids under the age of 25. 


Multigenerational Living’s Advantages 


Individuals living in a multigenerational context were polled and questioned about the primary benefits of this housing arrangement in a recent report by Generations United. It says: 


“Nearly all Americans who live in a multigenerational household (98 percent) believe their household runs well, citing different features of home design, family ties, interactions, and supports and services as factors impacting their success.” 


You may require more space if more adults live in one roof. 


If you decide to go for a multigenerational house, it’s essential to know what each generation will need to compromise. In most cases, families need additional private space to accomodate the multiple family units. This might imply more bedrooms and baths and amenities such as an in-law suite or a basement. 


If you’ve realized that your existing home doesn’t have enough space for your extended family, a professional real estate agent may guide you through finding the ideal property for you and your loved ones.

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