Proper Pool Maintenance for Your Home

Proper Pool Maintenance for Your Home

Recycling the water in swimming pools removes undesirable minerals, salts, and contaminants and reduces waste from draining and refilling. 


Why Is Pool Water Recycled or Needed to Be Drained? 


Swimming pool water is drained to replace the complex, mineral-filled water with fresh water that is softer, clearer, and commonly obtained from an outdoor faucet. 


Swimming pool water evaporates and leaves behind minerals, which causes the water to become saturated with salts and minerals. Swimming pools can evaporate roughly 600 gallons of water every week due to their large surface area (unless they have pool covers, which is a great reason to keep your pool covered).


Draining a pool versus recycling 


Most swimming pools have a water capacity of 15,000 to 20,000 gallons. Given how valuable this resource is and how many arid, drought-stricken countries there are, draining and refilling so much water can be a significant waste. At least 40 states anticipate having water scarcity by 2024, according to the EPA. 


Of course, do-it-yourself homeowners can refill their pools reasonably, especially in areas with cheap water prices. But take note: Speak with a swimming pool repair expert before draining your pool. A swimming pool’s safety may potentially be endangered when it is depleted.


Cost of Pool Water Recycling 


This service, which is still very young, is expanding swiftly. As a result, to locate a water recycling expert nearby, you’ll probably need to use a free service like Yelp. 


The price of the recycling service and the size of your swimming pool are two variables influencing pool water recycling. Transporting the recycling trailer to your house and storing it there for a predetermined amount of time—typically at least 12 hours—represents the service’s main cost. This means that the price will increase the further they travel and the longer they have to leave the trailer at your house.

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