What Buyers Are Looking for in Today’s Houses

What Buyers Are Looking for in Today’s Houses

What many Americans desire in their homes is changing as remote work becomes more prevalent. Today’s purchasers seek homes with more excellent room to accommodate their job demands as many businesses opt to postpone reopening or go fully remote. 


If you’re a seller and you no longer require the extra space in your house, don’t worry—some purchasers will. 


Rise of Remote Work


For many Americans, remote employment is still a reality.  Due to new COVID-19 versions, 66% of firms are postponing reopening their offices. 


Additionally, workers are looking for more flexibility, not simply businesses that have decided to remain remote for the time being. According to PricewaterhouseCooper’s study, nearly one-fifth of employees wish to be remote in the future. The report also reveals that a lot of people quit their jobs to look for remote employment opportunities: 


Nearly ten percent of workers searching for new employment cite this as the reason for their search: they moved away from the workplace while working remotely and don’t want to return. 


Home offices are more necessary as there is more remote work. 


Due to this, buyers today place a higher value on properties with more room, so they may efficiently work from home. According to the American Institute of Architects 2021 Home Design Trends Survey, 69% of respondents still desire to have at least one workplace at home. It also demonstrates that more individuals seek numerous areas in their homes for virtual meetings and remote work. 


How Does This Affect You? 


Buyers are interested in homes with extra room that they no longer use, so now may be the ideal moment to sell. 


Your dependable real estate agent can assist you in emphasizing many of the most desired features in your listing, such as home offices. On the other hand, if you have unused space, you could want to set it up as a place where you can do remote work. Additionally, your realtor may assist you with this by assessing and readying your area for possible purchasers. They will suggest how to arrange the space, where to focus attention, and what other sellers do to distinguish their properties. 


To sum up 


As remote work continues to grow, more purchasers are seeking properties that can accommodate numerous home offices. Consider selling the excess space if you no longer need it. Talk with a reputable real estate agent about your home’s distinctive qualities and how you may make the most of any extra space to attract today’s purchasers.


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