To Renovate or To Move–Read This First

To Renovate or To Move–Read This First

You’ll need access to capital, whether it’s money for a renovation or a down payment on a new house. The good news is that your present home likely already has the money you require in the form of equity. 


Increased Home Equity


Homeowners’ equity has been significantly increased by the record-breaking gains in property prices over the past two years. 


As a homeowner, you could have access to the funds you need to find the ideal residence or improve your present property. However, delaying your choice can raise the expense of accessing that equity. 


To access the equity, if you wish to remodel, you’ll need to refinance (or take out an equity loan). You will still need a mortgage to cover the remaining gap between the down payment and the price of your new property if you opt to relocate rather than stay there and use your equity as a down payment. 


Over the coming year, mortgage rates are expected to rise. If you put off using your equity, you’ll probably pay more. Nearly 57% of current mortgage holders, according to the Federal Housing Finance Agency’s (FHFA) most recent statistics, have interest rates that are 4% or lower. Acting now will allow you to maintain your mortgage rate below 4% if you’re one of those homeowners. You might be able to execute a cash-out refinancing or buy a more costly house without drastically raising your monthly payment if you’re one of the 43% of homeowners with a mortgage rate over 4%. 


Determine Your Home Equity


The first step is to determine how much equity you have in your present home if you want to redesign it or discover an existing or newly built property with everything you desire. 


The mortgage balance is likely included on your monthly mortgage statement. You may spend several hundred dollars on an appraisal to determine the current market worth of your home, or you can speak with a local real estate expert who can provide you with a professional equity assessment report without cost. 




The timing may be suitable to either modify your current home or relocate to the ideal one if the last 18 months have helped you refocus on what you want from it.

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