4 Things that Will Increase Your House’s Worth

4 Things that Will Increase Your House’s Worth

One of the most common mistakes among homeowners is not thinking about the worth of their houses. Sure enough, it’s ideal to envision living in your house throughout your lifetime, but it sure won’t hurt to expect that you might also sell it sooner or later.


This is why it’s essential to know these four things that can increase your house’s worth by up to 56%. Some of which are renovations you can do on your own.


1. Proximity to Starbucks


There is no exaggeration when we say that people drive for hours to get to Starbucks. So it’s no surprise that having a Starbucks around the corner of your street can boost your property’s market price by 80%.


Sure enough, this is something you can’t control. So the next time you’re buying a house, watch out for possible commercial spaces.


2. Blue bathrooms


While there are many trendy designs for bathrooms these days, research suggests that people still prefer a blue bathroom. So much so that if you have a blue bathroom, you can mark up your house’s price by $6,000 more than its actual worth, and it will still be marketable.


3. Blue kitchens


Blue is the color of money when it comes to houses. Recent figures also suggest that a house with a blue kitchen, regardless of the technologies that come alongside it, can be sold with a markup price of at least $5,600.


With this kind of pricing for a blue bathroom and a blue kitchen, maybe it’s time to grab some blue paint!

4. Proximity to the city


The closer you are to the city, the higher your house’s market worth is. Suburban communities closer to the city have higher appraisal values by millions. 


So just like with Starbucks, strategic locations are the key to higher market value.

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